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The YAML Summit Wiki

This wiki contains information about the YAML Summit, a multiday meeting of people interested in furthering the YAML data language and all of its concerns and related projects.

The first YAML Summit will be held in Berlin Germany, May 5-8 2017.

Topics to be addressed:

  • YAML 1.3 is the next version of the YAML language. It is meant to be almost identical to YAML 1.2. The language will be tightened down. Quirky and unused parts may be removed. Tests will be made for everything. Thorough processes and documentation will be put in place. It will be a model for future YAML versions.
  • YAML 2.0 is the YAML that we want to have for future. It will keep the spirit and best parts of YAML, while trying to make the language simpler and more useful as a whole. Ideas that are decided too bold for 1.3, will likely go into 2.0.
  • Yadda is the code name for a YAML subset language targeted specifically for config files, and not for serialization.
  • YAML Websites include www.yaml.org, www.yaml.io and also auxillary sites like the Test Matrix and the YAML Wiki.
  • YAML Test Suite is becoming the single source of truth for all YAML related decisions and concerns.
  • YAML 1.2 Spec infrastructure has been worked on and needs to be formally put into production. Related web assets like the type repository need to be addressed.
  • SchemaType is a schema language that defines data structure types for data that fits the YAML model. It can be used not only to validate data but to generate much of the software that processes the data. It uses a syntax DSL that is also valid YAML.
  • YAML Developers Guide is documentation (with pointers to tests) that inform a YAML framework developer about what decisions they should make.
  • YAML Metrics would be useful to see where and how people are using YAML in the real world.

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