:new: 2017-04-26

RFC-1 -- Remove the 1024 character limit


2017/05/06 - Approved (1.3) - @flyx @ingydotnet @perlpunk #YS17


Within block structures there is currently a 1024 character limit to see whether a node is a key for a new mapping or not. With a few changes this restriction can be removed.


When the explicit key indicator ‘?’ is not used, content must be scanned to see whether it is being used as a map key or not. Keys may by plain or quoted scalars, or flow collections. YAML 1.2 has a 1024 character scan limit. This is an ugly limitation and can hopefully be removed.

Implicit block mapping keys will have to be one line scalars. Anything else requires them to be explicitly marked by the ? indicator. The primary change is to no lonager allow implicit flow collections as keys. See RFC-7.



@ingydotnet - Does the 1024 limit also exist for nodes inside flow structures?


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